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Mutual Friend

Here is another poem submitted anonymously by my friend. If you thought My Old Vineyard was metaphysical, think again. (Read the poem by looking at the full view.)

My Old Vineyard

Here is an anonymously submitted poem. Rather long, very metaphysical, one of my favorites from this young writer. (Read the poem by looking at the full view.)

Let's Change

 It is time for change
For years we have sat back & watched the terrors, destruction, & pain our fellow brothers have been through
The question I have for all of you is why?
Why allow death, why allow loved ones to get hurt, why disrespect your brothers & sisters that live among you?
It is time for change
Let us rid ourselves of the stereotypes, races, and the clicks we associate ourselves with
We shall use the tool of communication & the spread of word from mouth to mouth


 What are some of the things you hunger for?
What is your last desire?
Why don't you figure it out on your own?
It would be so much more meaningful
I hunger for PEACE
I hunger for TRUE LOVE
I hunger for MUSIC
Throughout our lives all we do is feed ourselves
We are always hungry
We are always asking to be fed with something
Will we ever be full?
I hunger for KNOWLEDGE
I hunger for EXPERIENCE 
I hunger for TALENT

Late Nights

 Late nights
High Flying flights
Let's all be real
I just want to be able to feel 
The love you shower me with
I think we are breaking this myth
If you could only imagine what is going on
I feel like I'm being reborn

Death Row

 Welcome to death row
Where everyone is your bro
And the wait is long and slow
Welcome to death row
What is the crime you have committed?
For these shackles that bind me were not fitted
Don't expect any equality because it's not permitted
Welcome to death row
The pain I feel is so unbearable, I wish I was numb to it
It's hurting so bad I want to set this world on fire, I just need your help getting it lit
Don't you feel sorry for condemning an innocent man, just a little bit?

Vacant Rooms

I want to write.
I want the words to flow out.
But maybe I don't want you to figure me out.
Don't you wish you could go back in time,
something as simple as pressing rewind.
Erase all the places you visited and the people you met.
The butterfly effect. No recollection of any of this.
It appears you've lost me and hate who you've become.
Your mind has never been so weak yet your heart beats strong.
I am a witness and a victim to my own crime.
They say living well is the best revenge, I digress.

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