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"What Weekly" Article On Summer Solstice Festival

Many thanks to David London for the article on our Summer Solstice Festival published in "What Weekly"!
Click the link to check it out: Summer Solstice Festival

Zumba With Suzanne Diehl

 This past Saturday, Suzanne Diel came to the Eastside Family Resource Center and introduced everyone to Zumba.

Children and parents of all ages participated and were exposed to all kinds of music, such as Latin and pop.

Heather Joi...

Intrigued?... Want to see more?
Click Me: Heather Joi
And Me: Soulforms
Want to get up close and personal???

Ghosts in the Machine


Because things aren't always what they seem...

BaltimoreAMP Searches For The Endless Summer

On Saturday August 14, 2010 at the Hard Yacht Cafe in Dundalk, MD, BaltimoreAMP searched for the Endless Summer and created the perfect vibe!
All photography courtesy of: Katie Taylor.

Photos from My Big Fat Bawlmer Wedding!


Awesome photos from an awesome night!

BaltimoreAMP thanks everyone who made this night such an amazing success and we're sooo looking forward to next year!

Special thanks to Bob Stockfield of Bob Stockfield Photography.

Yorkway (2008)


"Back to Woodstock" 40 Years Later!- Event photos!


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Woodstock,  Baltimore Art & Music Project held a Woodstock-themed fundraising event at the Hard Yacht Cafe in good 'ol Dundalk! The event was an absolute blast! We were blessed with awesome weather, a great crowd, rockin' music and some super-groovy energy from our supporters. I vote that we make this one an annual event!

Alex Gaskarth at St. Johns Hamilton

Alex Gaskarth lead frontman of the Lutherville-Timonium based pop-punk band All Time Low. Headlining a benefit show for the Carroll County Hospital Foundation at St. Johns Hamilton.

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