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Family Fantasy Fest

On October 12, 2012 pumpkins were decorated, masks were made, healthy snacks were eaten, and other various fall activities were enjoyed in Dundalk Heritage Park.
To see more photos from this event, please visit our Facebook.

"Mixtum" at The Eastside Family Resource Center

Last Saturday Baltimore Art & Music Project teamed up with the creator of the board game "Mixtum" to provide the parents and children of the Family Resource Center a chance to play...

Needless to say it was a Hit!!!!
For more info about Mixtum be sure to check out the website:

Heather Joi...

Intrigued?... Want to see more?
Click Me: Heather Joi
And Me: Soulforms
Want to get up close and personal???

Becoming a zombie in less than 10 minutes!!!!

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